w e l c o m e

Hello there beautiful people! If you are reading this then you have either chosen me to be with you on your wedding day (I’m seriously so stoked!) or you are still in the wonderful process of selecting the photographer that will best suit your wedding vision. There are so many tips and trick that I have provided below for both the “still-looking” couples and for my wonderful couples. I am excited to walk you through some questions that come up for many couples as well as point things out that will make your photography experience so enjoyable. With that being said, Lets jump in!


the engagement session

Ooh the engagement session.

The first time couples and their photographer work together.

The icebreaker time.

The get-to-know-you-lets-laugh-together-a-lot before the big wedding day time.

The sweet moments captured of you and your fiancé before you tie that knot.

It’s important. And with those things in mind some may be feeling the pressure to make this time the most magical, epic, we’ve-got-to-nail-this, kind of shoot. Oh trust me. We can fulfill all of those just-mentioned expectations. But let’s just take a second to talk about some of that pressure (and maybe nerve) leading up to this initial photo time. Questions regarding what to wear, location, best time of day, and posing are great places to start. Let’s cover those now.

Nerves: totally understandable. If you have never been in front of the lens for an extended photoshoot, then nerves make complete sense. If you are feeling a little uncomfortable at first that is totally fine. This is the time for you to let loose and feel comfortable with your photographer. I guarantee that as the shoot progresses you will feel more and more at ease. If you don’t, then I’ll buy you a coffee.



In all seriousness, there is nothing to be worried about and a few nerves are perfectly acceptable. We will conquer the heck out of those nerves.

I feel like this leads perfectly into our next topic: Posing. If you are unsure of how to stand with your partner or where to put your arms (I never seem to know where my arms should go when I’m posing for a photo. I usually bust out the hands-on-hips move, it’s pretty killer), anyways that unknowing-ness is perfectly fine. That is why I am here, and why you hire a professional to direct you. But do you want to know a secret? Every pose I direct you into will feel so natural that you will just gradually get the hang of it. Soon enough, I won’t even have to say much because your natural chemistry as a couple will be unleashed. BAM! No going back after that, here we come amazing photos!

Okay. We’re making progress here. Next up is wardrobe. What do you wear on these lovely shoots? I’m just going to throw out a list of dos and don't’s here for ya. Ready? Here we are:

  • White: Avoid it. It can become over exposed easily in the sunny-sunshine.

  • Logos. Avoid those babies too.

  • My suggestion (ladies) before a shoot is to treat yourself. Go get your nails did! We will be taking a few photos featuring your lovely ring-blinged hand. It will be an extra nice touch to have your nails touched up for those shots.

  • Now for the men. If you have facial hair, trim it up! We don’t need cavemen for fiancés in these photos. Plus, your grandma will probably appreciate the nice trimmed up-polished man that you have become.

  • For both of you lovely people: (and I can’t say this enough) wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident! If you love it, wear it. You are going to feel way more confident in your photoshoot that way.

  • Glasses: if you have contacts, perhaps opt for those. Lots of reflections can be found in your lenses otherwise.

How’s that for some direction? The last suggestion I will add for this subject is that you may want to choose two outfits. One more casual and one more formal. But that is totally optional.

The last two things are location and time of day. If your location is your cute home or apartment, let’s shoot for the middle of the day when the most natural light is shining on in.

If we are going outdoors we need to go for what photographers call “the golden hour.” That is that absolutely perfect time of day when the sun starts going down and shining in golden, warm tones. This time of day (as you know) changes throughout the year. If you are a morning person, it will be an early morning shoot as the sun starts coming up. Then we can go grab a cup of Joe (and of corse, continue the photos at the coffee house as well). If you are not a morning person then we will shoot for an evening session. Whenever the sun is most golden for that time of year.

As a couple, chose a time and location that you think will best suit the both of you. Chose a location that is representative of you. Do you prefer country or landscapes? Our location will probably be a park or garden. Do you want more of an edgy look? We will venture to a more urban area, a downtown setting and probably a coffee house. Do you love and want to highlight a space you are living in? We will take a homey approach and shoot in your cozy home space. It is completely up to you as the couple and this is where I like for my couples to shine through with choosing these details out.

To wrap this (hopefully informative) bit of information up. Engagement is such a beautiful time in a couples relationship. Lets capture it and lets highlight who you are as a together-in-love couple!


the wedding day

W H A T. A. D A Y. Where else can I start other then just by going on a rant about how beautiful love is? It’s an incredible thing, I’m sure you agree, to celebrate the start of a life-long love story. All the detail, time, effort and support that go into making this day special is so appropriate to momentous thing we are celebrating on this day: the union of two completely special and unique souls. Can’t get enough, and I can’t stress this enough: it is an honor for me to be with any couple, capturing these moments for them.


How-much-I-love-love rant done.

And now, for you the couple, a few things that I hope you will find helpful:

  • Be selfish. This is your day to celebrate the love you will be pursuing for the duration of your life. If you want to have things done in a particular way, then you get to own it and not feel bad about it!

  • Who do you want around you the morning of? I’ve seen friends and family struggle through a stressful wedding morning based on who they had in their bridal party or certain family members that were not helpful. Make sure to carefully consider who you are asking to be with you for these special morning moments.

  • First look. To do a first look or to not do a first look? This moment can be very special for you two to share if it is done right. What a busy day this is! To me, this is a special moment alone that you get to share with your love. It is also helpful for freeing up the schedule/easing pressure for the rest of photos scheduled to captured (bridal party, family photos, etc). Chose this option if you feel it will fit you as a couple and will work well for the busy wedding schedule.

Those are just a few highlights that I’ve seen are good to cover with any couple before the big day.

Again, this is such a special day. To say I feel honored to be a part of it is an understatement. Capturing these moments is so fun for me and I know that for you, it’s going to be a day you will never forget. Lets celebrate your love!