hello.  i am rachelle shalom!


Hey there! It’s me! Rachelle. This is the space on my webspace that I am supposed to convince you to

“pick me!”

(I’m raising my hand and jumping up and down too, just so you know) to be your photographer. I do this convincing with my charm and wit, and such wonderful things that I could say about myself. Instead, I just want you to choose me as a potential option if you like some of the photos you’ve explored on my gallery and blog tabs. If a photojournalistic approach to capturing events is your cup of tea, then absolutely consider me to be with you for an event or wedding! For those that have a different taste in photography, I still love being a resource for anyone looking to find a good fit for their photography needs. Stick around my friends! Keep exploring this space and you are guaranteed to run into some good, heartwarming moments of couples in love, cute families and babies, personal posts (usually regarding travels/music/my randomness), and perhaps even advice from yours truly about engagement shoots and wedding day fun. To conclude, a super nice quote about how I feel about photography:

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”
— Robert Frank

Thanks Robert. I totes agree.