drew man

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drew loves basketball.  loves it.  when he first started out as a little ten year old player, it was a funny sight.  he ran on the outskirts of the court, he didn't care to have the ball passed his way, and free throws were a hit or (usually) miss.  today, the boy (well i should say young man) can't get enough of basketball!  every single day he is outside practicing shooting.  the previously very low basketball hoop has been raised to the standard ten feet, and a free throw line has been marked at the standard fifteen foot distance.  when on a family walk, drew brings along his ball and dribbles it the entire walk -- complaints arise about that every now and again by his sisters.  and to conclude this little rant about drew loving basketball, here -- after losing an extremely close, extremely intense game, mom asked him if he was disappointed at the loss.  he cheerily told mom, "no, i just love this game!"

there.  drew love basketball.

moral of this post: work hard at what you love to do.  do what you love to do. pursue those dreams of yours!