1. Chat or Meet Up With Me! 

We can meet up in person (perhaps over a cup of coffee), or over the phone (224.730.4074).  This meeting is to address any questions you may have concerning the photography experience that I offer you!  I would love to hear about your vision/style for the day – this helps me in understanding how I can best serve your expectations.  Are you looking for a photojournalistic approach, a traditional approach, or maybe a balance of the two?  The goal for this meeting, most importantly, is to help you determine what you would like your wedding pictures to declare!



2. Welcome Package: Booking and Deposit 

You will receive a custom-made welcome packet that will contain helpful information, your wedding contract, and more to be reviewed.  A preliminary deposit of half the total package cost is required – cash, check, or PayPal are all suitable methods of payment.



3. Check In – The Big Day is Right Around the Corner!

A week or so before the big day I will touch base with you to review and update the important particulars regarding your wedding.  We will review the schedule for your day, go over the shot-list, and any additional ideas that you may have come across in the last months of preparation.



4. Final Payment 

One week before the wedding day, the remainder of your payment it due.



5. Wedding Day

Lets celebrate!  You relax, enjoy your beautiful day, and I will capture it all in photos that you will enjoy for years to come!



6. After the Wedding – The Pictures

Your photos will be available to you within a month of the wedding day.  A disc of all of the pictures will be delivered via mail as well as an online gallery.  Invite your guests to take advantage of this resource by sending them a link to your personal online gallery – guests may view pictures from the day, as well as order any print!