a pretty evening in spokane


*photos taken during the fall season

but now -- 

winter has set in.  

a trader joes customer told me today that, "there is no such thing as bad weather.  there is just bad clothing."  

i fully agree (though summer is sill my favorite season).

bundle up everyone!  

it's chilly out there! 


sisters forever

this is mariah:

beautiful (in and out;)

one of the funniest people i know

pre-med student

fellow harry potter fanatic

and one of the many loves of my life! 


Kevin + Brittany

it was wet and rainy

but they were the best sports


she noticed him right away

he felt bad that she was spending Thanksgiving by herself

so he invited her to a Thanksgiving gathering

they hit it off

their wedding is this summer

The morning of this shoot, I looked out the window and thought, "there is no way we are shooting today."  It was grey, and WET.  I messaged Kevin to ask if a change of date was in order.  But his reply was a negative  -  Brittany was up for roughing it!  And we caught some great moments!  Of course, we had to end this shoot with a cup of joe in a warm coffeehouse.  These two are super chill, up for anything, and SOOO excited to be married.  

Can't wait  

Till summertime!